Bodywork by Tess

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Massage Services at Essentials of Trinity  (727) 494-7660      

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Neuromuscular Massage

This is a massage for you if you have a soft tissue issue! It is specific treatment work, not full body. The entire time is spent treating your problem area and surrounding, stripping muscles from origin to insertion, quick warm up and right into deep tissue work at the right pressure for you, utilizing elbows. forearms and thumbs. Great for migraines, sciatic pain, feet that ache, carpel tunnel, neck back or shoulder pain, knee problems and or tennis elbow.   If you have a soft tissue issue that is really interfering with your well being, we can spend the entire time focusing there.  

Warm Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage is a unique new therapy that relaxes tight muscles – instantly and painlessly! It’s an effective way to release stress and tension, relieve aches and pains, loosen tight muscles, and improve sports performance. Warm Bamboo results go deeper and last longer than other massage techniques. And the best part is that it feels great! Whether your tight muscles are caused by stress, exercise, injury, or simply sitting at the computer all day, a  Warm Bamboo Massage will melt away even your most stubborn knots and tension. 

Arthritis Massage

This is my passion!  Helping those with arthritis.  I took classes in order to receive my Certification in Medical Massage for Arthritis and I do offer discounts to those in need.

ArthrossageTM is Medical Massage for arthritis intervention and treatment. It is a combination of eastern and western massage techniques used to ease the discomfort and degeneration of various types of arthritis.  This method is exceptionally effective in providing lasting pain relief and restoring function for those suffering with arthritis.  A typical session lasts 45 minutes. A regular schedule of treatment provides the most effective results. The client is fully-clothed for this type of massage.  The client should wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

Arthrossage is also recommended to athletes for enhanced performance and faster healing after injury.

Arthrossage  combined with yoga therapy provides the ultimate in relaxation, pain relief, and improved function.

Sports Massage!

Regular massage can help manage and prevent injury by bringing awareness to areas of the body that are not functioning or responding as efficiently as possible. As a therapist who understands the nature of the various injuries or dysfunctions, I can treat the athlete accordingly.

The ideal frequency for massage therapy is twice a week for an elite athlete, once a week minimum.

For a recreational athlete, it would be once a week to once a month based on need.

When possible, schedule your pre-race massage early in the race week and then definitely get a post-race massage either right after the race (highly recommended) or the day after with your regular therapist. Throw in an ice bath lasting three to five minutes somewhere shortly after the race, and you will get the type of recovery that most pros use. This combo will have you recovered and ready to start another block of training in no time!